Inside Marketing Design - Hosted by Charli Marie

Taking an in-depth look at marketing design inside tech companies.

Season one of Inside Marketing Design features designers behind the marketing of no-code site builder Webflow, project management tool Basecamp, Panasonic LUMIX cameras and many more – covering industries from health management and productivity, to AI and satellites.

In digital marketing it’s easy to measure your success (or failure). It’s both rewarding and challenging at the same time.
Season 1 • Episode 10

Inside Marketing Design at Moneybox

With Mayumi Hashimoto

With Mayumi Hashimoto and

Find out about the marketing processes savings & investment app Moneybox uses to drive new users through animated ads.

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We practice integrated design. Most of the design happens in the browser.
Season 1 • Episode 9

Inside Marketing Design at Basecamp

With Adam Stoddard

With Adam Stoddard and

Basecamp does things a little differently to most companies. Hear about their alternative approach to marketing design from Lead Marketing Designer Adam Stoddard.

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Learning how to do smarter usability testing is the way that you grow.
Season 1 • Episode 8

Inside Marketing Design at WEconnect

With Marina Snyder

With Marina Snyder and

Hear about the many different hats Marina Snyder wears at digital health management company WEconnect and how she handles marketing to two separate main audiences.

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Working in-house you get way more opportunities to refine something to perfection.
Season 1 • Episode 7

Inside Marketing Design at Doist

With Anaïs Mares

With Anaïs Mares and Stephen Barkan

Learn about the systems in place at remote-first productivity app company Doist that make designing the marketing for their two apps, Todoist & Twist, efficient and fun.

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I love that I get to look at gorgeous photos all day. I mean, pinch me; I’m dreaming!
Season 1 • Episode 6
Panasonic Lumix

Inside Marketing Design at Panasonic Lumix

With Steph Moccia

With Steph Moccia and

Hear how Steph Moccia thrives within constraints as the only in-house marketing designer on the Lumix team at Panasonic North America.

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I really enjoy marketing something completely different, something people aren’t used to.
Season 1 • Episode 5
Surrey Satellite Technology

Inside Marketing Design at Surrey Satellite Technology

With Emily Kelly

With Emily Kelly and

Ever wondered about the role of a marketing designer at a space company? Hear from Emily Kelly about her work at a company that designs, builds & launches satellites.

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My job description is really one sentence: Own the quality.
Season 1 • Episode 4

Inside Marketing Design at Proof

With Brent Palmer

With Brent Palmer and

Hear how Proof’s Head of Design, Brent Palmer, handles being in charge of both the marketing and product design work for the website personalization tool.

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Enterprise companies are not going to buy from you if you look like you’re from the 90s.
Season 1 • Episode 3

Inside Marketing Design at Contentful

With Grace Tai

With Grace Tai and

Learn how the brand design team at content management platform company Contentful stays super organised

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The brand is way more than brand studio. It’s so much more than what we produce.
Season 1 • Episode 2

Inside Marketing Design at Webflow

With Johnnie Gómez

With Johnnie Gómez and

Insights into the work of the brand studio team at no-code visual web development tool Webflow

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I love being able to ship something, get it out there, see how it's doing, and then get a chance to improve on it later
Season 1 • Episode 1

Inside Marketing Design at ConvertKit

With Charli Marie Prangley

With Charli Marie Prangley and

How I get my work done as the only marketing designer at email marketing software company ConvertKit

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