Inside Marketing Design - Hosted by Charli Marie

Taking an in-depth look at marketing design inside tech companies.

Season one of Inside Marketing Design features designers behind the marketing of no-code site builder Webflow, project management tool Basecamp, Panasonic LUMIX cameras and many more – covering industries from health management and productivity, to AI and satellites.

The brand is way more than brand studio. It’s so much more than what we produce.
Season 1 • Episode 2

Inside Marketing Design at Webflow

With Johnnie Gómez

Insights into the work of the brand studio team at no-code visual web development tool Webflow

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I love being able to ship something, get it out there, see how it's doing, and then get a chance to improve on it later
Season 1 • Episode 1

Inside Marketing Design at ConvertKit

With Charli Marie Prangley

How I get my work done as the only marketing designer at email marketing software company ConvertKit

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